Polycarbonate greenhouse


A high quality Redpath Polycarbonate twin wall greenhouses with a 10 Year manufacturers frame warranty.
6mm thickness polycarbonate is used for the roof, sides, ends, door(s) and roof vent(s).  The louvre vent window uses Polycarbonate sheets as this provides greater strength in windy conditions for the tilting window.

There are three widths of the polycarbonate greenhouse models to choose from.  The “Urban’PC” model 2.56m length and 3.2m length is designed with space efficiency in mind with its 1.92m width allowing it to be placed in a more compact garden area. 
The wider “Statesman’PC” model at 2.56m wide allows for increased central walkway space or a wider growing space to each side of the walkway.
‘The Beast PC’ model is 3.2m wide and 5.66m long, for the large hobby farmer or lifestyle block holder – a new design for 2021
Many standard features are built into these greenhouse models (see the specifications below) and there is a wide selection of accessories also available such as aluminium shelves, extra roof vents, extra louvre windows, double doors or doors at both ends, automatic opening roof vents, free standing staging shelf units, shadecloth support clips and crop support hanger rings etc.

Frame is in aluminium silver finish, and is the same robust and proven structure as our glass clad glasshouses. We no longer offer a powder coating option out of respect to helping the environment, – but your local powder coating service provider will likely be able to offer this option.
This Urban and Statesman models have the option of swapping out the 6mm polycarbonate for ultra-long life glass for the roof or all surfaces at a later date if you desire.
For summertime there is an optional “Throw-over” shadecloth for effective summertime cooling.  Ropes and tie down saddles are included.

The greenhouse base dimensions are shown in the link HERE it’s important to get the base dimensions right when you set up your greenhouse base; – the material used for the base might be treated timber, cement, blocks or bricks. A comprehensive set of instructions and assembly drawings are supplied with every kitset.

To compete with the many low quality imported designs we now sell to you directly so you get a great quality product at a great price. We also include a NZ factory warranty and after sales parts service if required. Select your greenhouse and add any options using the drop-downs at the base of this page. By ordering on-line using our secure shopping cart you will receive a further automatic discount. Redpath is located in central New Zealand allowing us to provide a fast and efficient freight service nationwide.
We manufacture to order with up to 5-10 working days lead time for dispatch.

Non design engineered structure – Check with your council if building permit required before purchase. (Base securing pegs not included please choose the best securing pegs/posts to suit your ground type and wind exposure)
Current special deal whilst stocks last, Receive one extra roof vent free with every Polycarbonate model (not transferable)



  • Models & Dimensions:
    Urban’PC’ 1.92 m wide x 2.5m or 3.2m long
    Statesman’PC’  2.56m wide x 3.80 m or 5.04m long
    The Beast PC 3.2m wide x 5.66m long
  • Wall Height: Urban & Statesman 1.65 m nominal
  • Aluminium side gutters: Included both sides of Urban & Statesman
  • Fasteners / Bolts: All supplied, aluminium type, non-corrosive
  • Apex Height:  Urban 2.35m, Statesman 2.45m, Beast 2.6m nominal
  • Roof Vents: (Special, receive 1 x extra roof vent with any model ordered ! ) 
    Urban’PC’  2.5m long = 1 roof, 3.2m long = 2 roof vents
    Statesman’PC’  3.08m includes 2 roof vents
    Statesman’PC’  5.04m includes 4 roof vents
    The Beast PC includes 4 roof vents, and 2 louvre windows
  • Roof vent flashings: Yes included
  • Door: Urban & Statesman single sliding 1.73m x 600mm, Beast 1.9m x 895mm double door
  • Double-door option: Available on Statesman as option, (895mm width total) Std on Beast
  • Door parts included: Ball bearing rollers, Door catch included
  • Door flashing: vertical rubber door seal included
  • Cladding type: 6mm Polycarbonate sheeting, wind braces inc
  • Securing clips: All stainless steel wire butterfly clips
  • Glazing rubber: Neoprene long-life type included
  • Building alloy warranty: 10 Year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Delivery: Choose your area and cost in the shopping cart below
  • Instructions: Full set of drawings + easy-read step by step instructions are included

Check with local council “if” a building permit is required. This is a non-design-engineered structure



  • Louvres, 5 blade type with Polycarbonate sheets
  • Solar powered automatic roof vent opener
  • A cut to length – Throw-over shadecloth cover kit for summertime cooling, lays directly on glass.
  • 300mm deep Wall Aluminium shelving system
  • Staging shelfs: 2 tiered 710mm tall or 3 tiered 1m tall, two widths 1m or 1.5m
  • See “greenhouse accessories” below for other additional items such as crop support hooks, shade or thermal screen clips, glass retaining clips/parts, rainwater collection pipework, door locks, ridge cresting’s etc
Polycarbonate Models
Roof Vent

Frame only


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Auto vent Opener

Includes 6 x bolts & nuts


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5 Blade Louvre Vent
Redpath summertime throwover
Summertime Shade Throw-over
Aluminium wall shelving
Bracket only for door lock
Lining Hooks

pack of 30

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Redpath Glasshouse accessories
Plant support clip hanger (crop to suit)

Fits to inner face of glazing bar


Pack of 6

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glasshouse staging shelves staging shelf
Staging Shelves 2 Tier & 3 Tier
Stainless steel SPRING CLIP

to hold glass against bar


pack of 50

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Butterfly wire clips

Stainless steel to fit glass to glazing bar


Pack of 50

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Overlap Clips

This alloy clip sits between the glass panes where they overlap


pack of 50

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Bolt & Nut Packet of 50
Bolt & Nut
Door Rollers Kit

Door roller OD nominally 28mm
Bolt length nominally 24mm


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Glasshouse accessories
Neoprene Glazing Gasket rubber beading 15.2m coil

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tunnelhouse polycarbonate sheet
Polycarbonate 612mm width x 3m length

6mm thickness sheet


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Redpath Pacific Ltd
Foil tape to seal top edges of Polycarbonate

40mm x 25m


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