Dairy & Animal Shade Shelters

Our popular animal Shadehouse are a cost-effective and practical all hot dipped galvanised steel framed design. The kits include all steel framework, shadecloth, cloth clamping systems, brackets and fasteners to complete the building. We supply nationwide and export throughout the Pacific.

Used to shelter from the sun , Dairy herds, Beef, Goats etc, We supply them in a range of modular sizes to suit the individual needs. Our design includes simple slide-together connectors for quick and secure assembly of the main frame. Only basic tools and skills are needed to erect the building.  The Redpath Shadehouses give owners speedier build times, improved durability and affordability over more traditional timber pole/wire & clip designs.

The tall 3.5m metre roof height provides clearance for farm machinery to be used. The animal Shadehouse is supplied standard with knitted commercial grade 45/50% shadecloth fitted to the roof.  The sidewalls are left open for air flow / cooling.
The Hot Dipped galvanised poles include a sleeved lower section to eliminate direct contact of animal effluent with the poles of the building. The poles footprint is 5.7m x 5.7m for simple access throughout the building for stock and light machinery.
The proven “Duralock”  Shadecloth fastening clipping systems is included to securely fasten the cloth to the buildings frame.

Redpath animal Shadehouses are designed to work reliably on a typical NZ site nationwide. The flat roof design does make them less suited to high snow or hail-loads.
Animal Shadehouses do not include design engineering for council as they have a non-water-collecting or water draining surface. (rainfall travels through the shadecloth). The design is mostly tolerant to being built on undulating ground.

Redpath manufacture and quote the Animal shadehouses to order –  Let us know the width and length that might suit your needs from the below list and click on the enquire now button at the base of the page.  We will email a price within 48 hours. 


Standard Specifications: ANIMAL SHADEHOUSES

Choose width option: 9m, 14.6, 20, 26, 32, 37, 43, 50, 54, 60, 66, 72, 77, 83m, 89, 94, 100m + more
Choose length option:  9m, 14.6, 20, 26, 32, 37, 43, 50, 54, 60, 66, 72, 77, 83m, 89, 94, 100m + more
Sidewall height: 3.5m roof height
Roof cladding: 45/50% shade knitted commercial shade green included
Wall cladding: Can be fitted as an option on any walls or one windward wall
Shadecloth holding system: Duralock aluminium clamp system and cable omega clip system included
Frame Protection: Polyguard anti-abrasion felt tape supplied for the steel frame that touches the shadecloth
Frame Protection:  Sleeves fitted over the top of the pole to protect the hot dipped pole from animal effluent.
Footings: 800mm -1000mm depth x 300mm nominal size + concrete, (or bolt steel poles to timber rammed poles – not included)
Sleeve connector design: Easy build slide together connectors are used, no cutting of steel required.
Design parts: All framing, Shadecloth, Bolts, Screws, Connectors, included
Framework: Durable – hot dipped galvanised steel main framing,
Wind load: Suited to most NZ standard sites,  Some shelter preferable,  (no heavy snow or hail  load)
Site & Space needs: Tolerant to undulating ground, The dimensions shown include the sloping sidewall
Assembly: Plans and an assembly guide are included, Simple construction, no heavy machinery required
Warranty: Yes parts warranty included, No NZ design engineering or producers statement

Click on the enquire now button below and send us the preferred width & length required for a price or call us on our free phone Ph 0508 733 728

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