Fabric and Textiles

Shade cloth

Quality knitted green, or white shadecloth with 10 year + service life. Redpath shaRead more


Windbreak fabric for the commercial or domestic user. Supplied in three grades and Read more

Weed mat long life woven & Bulkbags

Black weed mat is a popular natural form of weed controRead more

Biomesh Insect Screening

Biomesh insect screening for anti-white fly and small pest exRead more

Ventnet sidewall fabric

Vent net is a light white open weave netting most commonly used on the sidewalls of greenhouse structures fRead more

Insulnet frost fabric

Insulnet is a clear knitted frost and thermal fabric, natural in colour. May be draped ovRead more

U.V. Stabilised BIRD NET White knitted

Bird Net – White knitted

UV stabilised Birdnetting is a strong knitted construction designed for many years of serviceRead more

golf net new zealand


Golf net is a strong knotted rope net system suitable for small or large golf driving ranges, sports nets, and any situation wRead more

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