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Tunnelhouses, Glasshouses and Polycarbonate greenhouses

Redpath tunnel series greenhouses for the home. Select either Greenhouse, Shadehouse, Polyshade, Glass or Polycarbonate Read more

Quick-build Tunnelhouse 6m width

Cost effective easy build budget tunnelhouse, no concrete required. 6m width is suited to the Semi commercial grower, Nurseryman, Lifestyle, and Propagation, Berries,Read more

Lifestyler Series 6m wide

Lifestyle semi-commercial or propagation greenhouse with optional quality rack & pinion roof ventilation or roll up wall(s). 6m width span with lengths up to 48m longRead more

Raised garden boxes

Raised garden box in Pine or Macrocarpa Vege raised garden options Read more

Cloche Systems for the Home

Convenient home packs of the Kerilea cloche system for the home. Kerilea home Read more

Staging shelves

100% aluminium twin shelf staging. Easy assembly NZ made, heavy dutyRead more

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