Accessories & Hardware

Plastic films & Textiles

Commercial grade greenhouse films Shadecloth, Windbreak, Weedmat, Cloche film,Insect screeRead more


Film Clipping Systems

Duralock and Lockstrip aluminium / upvc film clipping systems, as used on Redpath commercialRead more

Cloche Systems

Cloche systems for commercial field crop production, provides early start for seasonal crop produRead more

Ventilation equipment

Vent drive hardware – rack & pinion etc, Sidewall & Roof winches, Electric sideRead more

Greenhouse Tapes

Horticultural and agricultural building Repair, hotspot, joining, patch tapes Read more

Twinskin equipment

Twinskin greenhouse componentry, inflation fans, manometer air pressure gauges, air pipe flanges and Read more

Steel & Alloy profiles

A range of extruded aluminium profiles available from Redpath. Angle, Round, Square & Flat extrusionsRead more


Multiuse, Heavy duty industrial bulk bags 1.5m x 1m x 1m with 4 x Heavy duty handles (one in each corner)Read more


Heatshrink used to wrap Redpath steel framework and protect it from the elements. This large diameter Read more

Gutter lining

Gutter liner is a reinforced hardy film for use in older style timber, or steel gutters that may be in poor condition andRead more

Fasteners and Brackets

Structural bolts, screws, fasteners and various accessories used in steel frame buildings constructiRead more

Straps or Rope

Roof retaining rope or Polybelt webbing tension strapRead more