Shadehouse Tunnelhouses – NZ made, Buy direct from manufacturer

Our garden Shadehouses use sturdy 32mm box section aluminium to form the main hoop frames. Redpath Shadehouses are 2.36 metres wide and come in twelve different lengths.
30% green shade cloth is used for the covering which has a 10 year + service life. Or you can swap the covering out for white Birdnetting or superfine Biomesh insect screening as an option
You can purchase directly from our factory and will receive an additional discount from the prices shown below when you use our secure shopping cart, We then deliver direct to your door.
All our Shadehouses include quality aluminium 60mm x 30mm base rail, which means there is no timber to rot or steel to rust at the ground contact points. 
A wide smooth sliding aluminium front door is also included. You can add an optional aluminium 300mm deep shelf unit for the full or part length of the tunnel.
To make your kitset assembly simpler and to save you time we deliver the Shadehouse to you 50% assembled with the end walls made up and door frame assembled!
Since 1974 Redpath is New Zealand’s longest established commercial and domestic greenhouse manufacturer and a trusted brand. We proudly manufacture these Shadehouses to meet New Zealand gardeners needs and offer quality after-sales service. They are not a flimsy import with limited warranty and a temporary covering. They are very competitively priced and carry a three year parts warranty.
To compete with the many low quality imported designs we now sell to you directly so you get a great quality product at a great price. We also include a NZ factory warranty and after sales parts service if required. Select your shadehouse and add any options using the drop-downs at the base of this page. By ordering on-line using our secure shopping cart you will receive a further automatic discount. Redpath is located in central New Zealand allowing us to provide a fast and efficient freight service nationwide.

(COVID 19 delays, There is a modest delay in manufacture and supply of materials currently which affects lead times by up to 20 work days, apologies in advance and thanks for your patience and for supporting NZ made)
Check with your council if a building permit (if any) is required


Dimensions and Prices

2.36m x 1.5m   Was $899   Now $799    Includes base rails, Door
2.36m x 3m      Was $999   Now $899    Includes base rails, Door
2.36m x 4.5m   Was $1100 Now $999    Includes base rails, Door
2.36m x 6m      Was $1300 Now $1249  Includes base rails, Door & High wind kit
2.36m x 7.5m   Was $1529 Now $1449  Includes base rails, Door & High wind kit
2.36m x 9m      Was $1775 Now $1649  Includes base rails, Door & High wind kit
2.36m x 10.5m Was $2050 Now $1849  Includes base rails, Door, & High wind kit
2.36m x 12m    Was $2250 Now $1999  Includes base rails, Door, & High wind kit
2.36m x 15m    Was $3150  Now $2798  Includes base rails, Door,“X” wind brace kit
2.36m x 18m    Was $3695  Now $3395  Includes base rails, Door, “X” wind brace kit
2.36m x 21m    Was $4480  Now $3998  Includes base rails, Door, “X” wind brace kit
2.36m x 24m    Was $5080  Now $4590  Includes base rails, Door, “X” wind brace kit
Prices for raised gardens – from $69 !

Compare the standard features included with all Redpath Shadehouses
 Tall height: 2.3m apex gives superior space for tall vine crops or nursery bench space
* Aluminium base rail: Alloy base rail no timber to rot or steel to rust, or tanilising to taint crops
* Covering: 30% green shade cloth with a 10 year + service life.
* Durable: Main frame rails and hoops are 100% aluminium for maintenance free long life.
* Wall bracing: Aluminium angle sidewall bracing and 25mm box section purlins for greater strength
* Cover clamping system: Integrated patented clip system to reliably secure the covering
* Sturdy framing: 32mm aluminium box section cold-roll formed to make tunnel hoops
Sliding door: 710mm wide aluminium framed door with smooth roller bearing wheels & alloy track

* Delivered pre-assembled: Supplied with 2 x end walls, door frame assembled
* Warranty: 3 year product warranty, + Free phone assembly support service weekdays
* Instructions manual: Coloured pages assembly instructions manual. (Base dimensions guidelines are shown below) (see related links)

Optional Extras: Please select from price boxes below and add to cart

* Optional high wind kit for 1.5m, 3m, 4.5m models (incl. standard on 6m & over longer models)
* Add an extra single door to rear end wall of your tunnel house (eliminates the louvre window)
Option to replace the shadecloth cladding with either Birdnetting-Ventnet or Insect Biomesh (see price below)
* Sidewall aluminium shelf unit in full length or part length or across the end wall
* Raised garden option .75m x various length fits inside the tunnelhouse (see price below)
Staging shelf aluminium 2 tiered 710mm Height or 3 tiered 1000mm height 400mm depth two widths (see price below)
* Wheelchair door-end access version is also available by special request (price on application)
* You can also add a Pine timber raised garden to fit inside your tunnelhouse .75m wide by various lengths and heights to suit. See price option below. 

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redpath tunnelhouse for the home
Tunnelseries single door
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tunnelhouse rear wall shelf

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