Lifestyler Greenhouse 6m wide

Manufactured in New Zealand by Redpath, the Lifestyler greenhouse is a popular choice for Semi-commercial, Lifestyle farmers, Institutions, Schools, Councils or very large home use. This design with its pleasing to the eye  gothic profile and is supplied with full NZ Engineering design drawings and a producers statement for council building permit processing for the majority of NZ regions..
The Redpath Lifestyler uses a strong RHS steel main frame with Pre-drilled heavy plate connections and bolts to give simple construction yet great strength.

The Lifestyler series is offered standard with Duratough commercial greenhouse cladding in either Single-skin or thermally efficient Twin-skin clad form. Duratough cladding is 215 microns thick, and has a typical service life of 10 years or more. Duratough is an EVA based polymer with a high level  PAR (Photosynthetic Active radiation) transmission and 90% + light transmission This gives superior plant production whilst at the same time locking in latent heat for improved night-time temperatures and frost protection.
Redpath’s white pigmented Durashade film is also an option and it is popular for Nursery plant production where cooler temperatures and less direct light can be beneficial.  Redpath’s aluminium Duralock 2 cover clamping system is used to reliably secure the cladding to the structure even in NZs windiest locations.

In the shopping cart below firstly select the base structure length by clicking on the drop down arrows. The base structure includes 1 x door at one end and 1 x closed in end wall
You can then add the various options that best suit your cropping needs. Options include Roof ventilation or side ventilation and these can also be automated.
You can add door(s) into the rear wall, or upgrade to an acrylic cladding door. You can also add a “dual door” at either end, which has two 1.2m wide doors with one clad in breathable white Shadecloth and the other in Polyweave giving the option to have either door closed over the opening.
A 450mm deep sidewall steel slat shelf can also be attached along the inside wall face to suit the length of the greenhouse or in 3m sections to any length required. Brackets and 25x25sq steel shelf slating is included. You can have more than one shelf on one side and stack two or three shelves above each other per side if required.

The Lifestyler comes with a full set of plans and assembly directions.  We manufacture the buildings to order with a typical lead time around 30 working days for dispatch. They are straight forward to erect with major connections 90% pre-drilled and most components cut to length.  The vast majority of customers erect their own Lifestyler designs using our step-by-step plans.

if your looking for a reliable and aesthetically pleasing design, that offers to produce a serious amount of crop – then the Redpath Lifestyler is the right choice. The automatic on-line discount will apply to your purchase when you proceed through the secure shopping cart.

Any questions? – please call us on our Free Ph 0508 733 728  or Email us by using the enquiry form below.


Width: 6m
Post spacing length ways: 3 metres between posts
Sidewall height: 2.2 metres nominal (to curved knee)
Apex height: 3.35m nominal
Length: Up to 48m +, longer lengths available
Roof – wall and End cladding: Long life singleskin or twinskin Duratough 215 micron
Cover clamping: Proven Duralock 2 aluminium cover holding system secures cladding reliably
Frame Guard Tape: Polyguard fitted to all roof members that touch the plastic included
Doors: 1 x 1.2m wide sliding Polyweave clad front door is fitted in the front wall, Inc smooth roller bearing and aluminium track
Footings: Typically 1 metre deep x 0.35m diameter + add concrete (soil type dependent)
Longitudinal rails: Ridge and base rails are included, wall bracing etc. included
Installation: Designed to be easy to assemble, plans supplied, 1-2 persons required
Main assembly: Steel frame 75 x 50 RHS, Plate + bolt connections, 90% pre-drilled, keeps design simple and strong
Warranty: Yes, manufacturer’s warranty & maintenance schedule included (conditions apply)
Engineering: Yes, full design engineering document are included with each sale covering 95% of NZ landscapes
Gutter: Not applicable – sloping sidewall system applies.



1. Single or a double roof vent with manual opening for the full length at ridge (select below)
    Automatic opening is also an option, & includes a basic environmental temperature controller / contactor box
2. Roll up wall ventilation for one side or two sides with manual or Automatic operation (select below)
3. Upgrade the standard front Polyweave door to an Acrylic and aluminium panel door (select below)
4. Special wider wheel chair / small trailer 1500mm door (select below)
5. Add a extra door to the rear wall (acrylic type or Polyweave type) (select below)
6. Dual door option either end: 1 x 1.2m wide door clad in Polyweave and 1 clad in white breathable shadecloth (select below)
7. Extreme wind load design for Lee-Zones also available (enquire below)
8. Add a 450mm deep sidewall steel slat shelf – for full length or part length (select below)


Enquire below or call free Ph 0508 733 728 for more info



Optional extra Single or a double roof vent with manual opening for the full length at ridge
6m wide lifestyler Includes 1x door (no vent)
Add a ridge vent option (same length as building)
Rollup wall
Add roll-up side(s) option (same length as building)
Upgrade the front door
Redpath Propagation
Add a Rear door option
450mm deep sidewall steel slat shelf
Add sidewall(s) shelf option

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