Lifestyle – Propagator greenhouse 6m width


 The Redpath Lifestyle or Propagation greenhouse is a popular choice for Semi-commercial, Lifestyle farmers, Institutions, Schools, Councils or large domestic use.This design can be supplied with standard singleskin Duratough cladding or thermally efficient twinskin clad form. The long life Duratough cladding is 215 microns thickness, and has a typical service life of 10 years or more. Duratough uses EVA within its clear co-polymer resin giving an excellent 90% light transmission whilst helping lock in night-time temperatures for superior plant production.
Redpaths Durashade or Durashade white pigment shaded films may also be used on this design as an option. These are popular for Nursery plant production when cooler temperatures and less direct light might be beneficial.
Redpaths aluminium Duralock 2 cover clamping system is used to reliably secure the cladding to the structure.

The Lifestyle – Propagation greenhouse is supplied standard without the roof vent or roll up side wall option, – you can select these features to suit your needs and build your own specification. (see the price options at the base of this page)

The roof vent may be chosen in single sided full length or double sided full length. These may be chosen with either manual opening/closing or automatic electronic opening/closing which includes a temperature controller.
Please select your preferred option at the base of the page.

The greenhouse includes a 1.2m wide sliding Polyweave reinforced film clad door in the front wall as standard – and the rear end wall is closed in. You can add an optional extra door Polyweave or upgraded clear hard Acrlic clad door in the rear wall.

This design greenhouse is supplied with the engineering specifications and plans. You will need to check with your council if a building permit is required. We manufacture to order with a lead time of 20-25 working days for dispatch. They are straight forward to erect with major connections 90% pre-drilled and most components cut to length. (some parts require finalisation to allow for your site fall and construction tolerances)
Note: Also consider the “X”series 2.36m x 15m, 18m, 21m and 24m designs – Domestic 2.36m Tunnelhouse link below


Span / Bay Widths: 6m
Post spacing length ways: 3 metres between posts
Sidewall height: 2.1 metres nominal (curved knee)
Apex height: 3.2m nominal
Length: Up to 48m +, longer lengths available
Roof – wall and End cladding: Long life singleskin or twinskin Duratough 215 micron
Cover clamping: Proven Duralock 2 aluminium cover holding system secures cladding reliably
Frame Guard Tape: Polyguard fitted to all roof members that touch the plastic included
Doors: 1 x Sliding Polyweave reinforced film clad front door is fitted in the front wall. with smooth roller bearing and aluminium track
Footings: Typically 1 metre deep x 0.35m diameter + add concrete (soil type dependent)
Longitudinal rails: Ridge and base rails are included, wall bracing etc. included
Installation: Designed to be easy to assemble, plans supplied, 1-2 persons required
Main assembly: Steel frame 75 x 50 RHS, Plate + bolt connections, 90% pre-drilled, keeps design simple and strong
Warranty: Yes, Redpath 3 Year part manufacturer’s warranty, with 4 year pro-rata warranty on coverings
Engineering: Yes, full engineering docs included with each sale. Check with council re permit requirements (if any)
Gutter: Not applicable – sloping sidewall



1. Single or a double roof vent with manual opening for the full length at ridge (select below)
     Automatic opening is also an option, & includes a basic environmental temperature controller / contactor box
2. Roll up wall ventilation for one side or two sides with manual or Automatic operation (select below)
3  Upgrade the standard front Polyweave door to an Acrylic and aluminium panel door.
4. Add a extra door to the rear wall (acrylic type or Polyweave type) – See below


Inquire below or call free Ph 0508 733 728 for more info



Optional extra Single or a double roof vent with manual opening for the full length at ridge

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