6m wide


Redpath Quick-build budget tunnelhouse 6m width

The Redpath Quick-build budget tunnelhouse is suited to the Semi commercial grower, Nurseryman, Lifestyle, and Propagation, Berries, and traditional out door crop applications that require simple rain and frost protection and that do not wish to invest in a more substantial steel pole type design that requires concrete for footings.
The Quick-build tunnelhouses use no concrete for their construction – and instead has ‘ground screw anchors’ included that secure the building to the ground, making them easily ‘re-locatable’ and classed as ‘temporary’ structures.

Heavy duty Duratough 215 micron clear long life greenhouse film is used for their covering.
Redpath Quick-build greenhouses are suited to sites with low to medium exposure, although a higher wind kit is available as an option. They are easy and simple to erect requiring only limited tools and building experience.

Open the price box below to select the standard open ended tunnel lengths and prices.
You can then select various options for ends (choose closed end wall or door end wall), and then select if a roll up wall is required on one side or both.  The roll up wall can also be automatic with temperature controller and 24v DC drive motor opening and closing the wall.

Redpath easy-build tunnelhouse are supplied in kitset form only, they are built buy owners or local fencing contractors typically.
We manufacture these buildings to order with a lead time of around 30 working days for dispatch.

The structure does not include design engineering for council, as they are for semi-permanent or non-permanent use only and are unlikely to endanger people or any other building. They use a non-permanent screw anchor fixture for their foundation and no concrete. 
Consider the Lifestyler model Redpath Greenhouse if full engineering and council permits are to be applied for.

Standard Specifications:

  • Width: 6m
  • Arch spacing length ways: 1.5m
  • Sidewall height: 1.6m nominal
  • Apex height: 2.7m
  • Side ventilation: – Available as an option, Select 1 or 2 roll up wall(s) below
  • Ventilation drives; Manual eziwinder winch or full automatic roll up drives
  • Roof & Wall cladding:  Heavy-duty Duratough 215M included
  • Frame Guard Tape: Polyguard fitted to all roof members that touch the plastic included
  • Doors: Choose “door ends” option below. You may have one or two “door ends”
  • Closed ends: Select “closed ends” from the options below. You may have One or two “closed ends”
  • Footings: Screw anchors are included with this building
  • Wind load: Designed for sheltered sites, Higher wind option also available (see below)
  • Installation: No, – Kitset only. Simple to erect, some basic tools & skills required.
  • Warranty: Yes, manufacturer’s warranty & maintenance schedule included (conditions apply)
  • Engineering: Not included, relocatable design temporary shelter for non-permanent use

These greenhouses are manufactured to order, and a lead time of around 30 working days applies.

Up to 48m length, longer lengths also available – please  call free Ph 0508 733 728


Redpath quickbuild building
6m width Building

Tunnel with 2 open ends

Redpath high wind kits available
Hi-wind kit option

Has steel hoops placed closer together

End options:

Add closed or door end wall

Relocatable greenhouse
Manual roll up wall

along length of side incl’s winch

greenhouse automatic roll up wall motors nz
Automatic roll up wall

24v dc drive winch

ground screw anchors redpath
Spare ground screw anchors
rope greenhouse
Extra roof retaining rope

White round Polyester Rope. 8mm x 16 strand, 100m roll, on spool

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