Redpath Shadecloth + Butterfly retaining clips

Many crops can benefit from shading and for some it’s essential. Redpath import and distribute a range of high quality shade cloth fabrics for use in Horticulture, Agriculture, Animal shelters, Commercial Nurseries,  and for the Home garden. A commercial grade monofilament and or combined tape yarn is used with UV stabilisation properties to make it well suited to New Zealand and Australian conditions.
A range of textile shading grades and colour’s are offered with shading factors in the range of  25/30%,  45/50% or 55/60%
Widths vary dependent on the grade and include 0.97, 2m, 4m and 6m. Rolls are 50m long in standard length, – Or you can purchase a ‘cut length’ of up to 35m of any type if you wish. Minimum length is 6m, and in increments of 2m. (see the ‘full roll’ and ‘cut length’ options in the shopping cart below)
The 2m, 4m and 6m sized rolls are folded in half for ease of shipping.
Our customers tell us that our UV stabilised Shadecloth last up to 10 years or more. Redpath shadecloth is a trusted brand and is used nationwide by farmers, horticulturists, nurseries, councils and government departments. You can use the ” butterfly”  design shadeclips below to secure the cloth to your wire or ask Redpath for a price to hem in a pocket along the sides of the cloth for you to thread a wire through.
The shade factor % stated is a ‘nominal %’ – This is because shading factors will vary and are dependent on the design of the shadehouse, the aspect of the shadehouse, the surrounding landscape, the cleanliness of the shadecloth Etc. The ‘GSM’ or ‘grams per square metre’ is also nominal as this weight is an average weight across the full roll and can vary due to the yarn manufacturing knitting process. The Lighter grade cloth is offered in both Black only or a Green/Black mix.
Always order a slightly wider and longer length of cloth than your structure measures, – this is so that you have enough shadecloth leftover to secure the cloth to whatever style or design of structure your are fitting it too. 
Select the shading weight % (gsm) of the shadecloth that you or your consultant best thinks suits your crop and location from the below options  (if unsure we can post you a small sample upon request)
Redpath also manufacture and sell complete steel framed shadehouse kitset buildings which use these shadecloths  – See link page HERE|

Shade densities and width of rolls:
25/30% Shade LIGHT  in Black colour,  with 5 year UV pro-rata warranty 
SIZES:  2m wide x 50m rolls, – or purchase by the metre.

25/30% Shade LIGHT  in Green with Black mix colour,  with 5 year UV pro-rata warranty 
SIZES:  970mm, 2m, 4m or 6m wide x 50m rolls, – or purchase by the metre.

25/30% Shade LIGHT  in White colour,  with 5 year UV pro-rata warranty 
SIZES:  2.4m, 4m wide x 50m rolls, – or purchase by the metre.

40/45% Shade MEDIUM  in Green with Black mix  colour, with 10 year UV pro-rata warranty
SIZES:  970mm, 2m, 4m or 6m wide x 50m rolls, – or purchase by the metre.

55/60% Shade HEAVY  in Green with Black mix colour with 10 year uv pro-rata warranty
SIZES:  4m wide x 50m rolls, – or purchase by the metre.

Redpath Butterfly type – Shade clips / Wind clips
The Redpath shade clips are a simple way to secure shade cloth or windbreak to a wire or cable; they are supplied in packs of 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 or bulk lots of 2000.  Physical size of the clip when opened out is 76mm x 33mm. (When closed 40mm x 33mm) The clips have two main locking pins and 4 additional locator pins, and include a reinforced ribbed hinge + an opening so that a wire may be run through the clip at 90deg to the cloth retaining wire. 
They are manufactured from UV stabilised black Polyethylene for improved durability and flexibilty against perishing or cracking..  By closing the hinge of the butterfly clip over a wire each side presses together to lock and traps the cloth in-between.  Typically you would use approximately four clips per metre at the edge of the shadecloth or windbreak.  The clips are listed below for easy purchasing.

Another alternative to secure Shadecloth or Windbreak is to use the Redpath Duralock 2, aluminium track clipping system  See link page HERE 


Choose full 50m rolls or select cut lengths from the drop downs below

Windbreak VLG
VLBU Very light shade
Redpath commercial grade Shadecloth
70% shade 220-240gsm nominal
Redpath windbreak clips

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