Raised Gardens – with optional liner or cloche hoops with Bungee chord!

Redpath Raised gardens beds, are made from chunky 150mm x 40mm stabilised timber for long life.  There is an optional internal wall liner that can be to help create a barrier between the soils and the treated timber and will also further extend the timbers life.

Raised garden in 6 sizes
750mm width x select either 1.4m, 2.8m or 4.4m length
980mm width x select either 0.9m, 1.8m or 3m length

The height of each board is 150mm and the gardens can be purchased in six different heights of 150mm, 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, 750mm or 900mm.

Four high quality stainless steel corner brackets with screws are included with every garden, the brackets securely connect the gardens together. The brackets offer long service life and simple assembly.  Brackets may also be purchased separately if you wish to make use your own timber.
Timber pegs + nails are also included with the 1.8m and 3m raised gardens to help support the longer side boards and assist them to retain their sidewall straightness over time.
Delivery can be to your local Mainfreight depot, or to your door. Note, If selecting delivery to your site you will need two people to unload the delivery vehicle, or a Hiab option can be requested (surcharge applies)


You can also add the Redpath cloche hoop frames to your raised gardens, these are 1m wide and 550mm tall.  Each frame includes a wrap over bungee chord to secure the covering to the frames.

LINER – for internal wall

Add an internal wall liner to your raised garden, select the liner that matches the height of your garden. The liner is a reinforced UV stabilised polythene and we include the nails to secure the liner in place.  When the soil is added to the garden it holds the liner fully in place and the liner offers a direct barrier between the soils and the treated timber, and also assists with reducing leakage of soil from joint gaps between the garden boards + extends timber life.

Raised gardens include: Timber, Corner Brackets, Screws, Support pegs + nails for 1.4m and longer models, + Instructions
Internal wall liner include: 1 x Liner, Flathead Galvanised nails to secure, + Instructions.
Cloche hoop system include: 2, 3 or 4 hoops to suit the garden size, Screws to secure the hoops on each side, Retaining bungee chord over each hoop to secure your cladding.

Please select the garden size or optional extras that below, and also select any optional extras that might be needed.

* Instructions manual / guide: Assembly is simple and instructions are included. (see related links below). The Tanalised timber is durable however painting or treating your raised garden timbers with tung oil will further extend their life.



Raised Garden
Raised gardens 980mm wide
Redpath Pacific Ltd
Raised gardens 750mm wide
Polyweave reinforced greenhouse film
Internal wall liner for 980mm wide

Including Nail plates

Raised garden cloche frame & Bungee chord only

Pack of 5 or 10 frames & bungee chord
1m width x 515mm Height
(Screws not included)

Bungee chord
Bungee chord Inc hooks, for 600 series and like the raised garden frames before it

The Bungee system is sometimes preferred for simplicity, and fits the 800mm x 600mm, 1m x 550mm frames also. For high wind sites use the wire

Redpath Pacific Ltd
Corner brackets & screws only
Redpath Pacific Ltd
Pine timber 150 x 40 H4, RS
Coverings option for cloche frame
Insulnet frost protection fabric knitted long-life
Frost cloth 4m width

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