Film Clipping Systems

Redpath offer a range of film and fabric clipping systems commonly used on buildings in New Zealand.  These include the most popular Duralock2 clipping system, or older Redpath Lockstrip system and the Taylor Built / Harford fasteners.  See the various systems below and compare their end profile shape to the one you might need.
For new builds – choose the Duralock 2 clipping system.

Duralock greenhouse film clipping system


Redpath’s popular three piece Film/Fabric holding system, parts include alloy base, White channel insert & a filler bead – Duralock is easy on the cladding & simple to useRead more

Loc-Clip - Alloy & UPVC

Loc-Clip two piece film/fabric holding system. Parts include Alloy base and a top cap made from either alloy or UPVC depending on what material is being heldRead more

garden cloche redpath


Clipping system used by Redpath (prior to Durlock 2), Three parts include Alloy base, Insert strip and a small locking Clip Read more

F-Link alloy insert

F-Link aluminium insert fits some Lockstrip base clip and also older design greenhouses from Floralink and TaylorBuilt ltd.  It is a specialist insert mostly used by contractors...Read more

Redpath Pacific Ltd

One piece "A leg" UPVC

One piece “A leg” used for in specialist locations only and fits into the Redpath Lockstrip alloy base or the old Floralink greenhouse system clip design call us before purchase if unsure.  Read more

V lock UPVC

V-Lock one piece insert, For Redpath domestic tunnelhouses from November 2023, singleskin only,  Fits into the Redpath lockstrip aluminium base, Cut to 60mm short lengths Read more

greenhouse film clip system cable type

Wire & cable clip system

Redpath “Omega” Clip is utilised for the semi-permanent retaining of films and fabrics onto wires or cablesRead more

aluminium batten for greenhouses tunnelhouses

Roof battens

Redpath aluminum batten is used to secure the roof cladding onto the greenhousesRead more

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