1.5mx1mx1m BAGS

1.5mx1mx1m BAGS

1.5mx1mx1m BAGS


Commercial longlife Weedmat

Redpath Weedmat is manufactured from a tough woven commercial grade polypropylene. This heavy-duty fabric weighs between 100 – 105 grams per m2 and is U.V stabilised. Widths are 1.2m, 2m, 3.66m, and an ultra-wide 5.25m
1000s of customer use Redpath black Weedmat in their commercial businesses or around the home.
Redpath weed matting has high UV resistance and may be left exposed to the sun, although covering the weed mat with bark, scoria, or plantings etc. will further protect the weed mat from the sunshine and extend its overall service life.

The construction of this Weedmat with its woven intersecting strands blocks light to the ground preventing most weeds from growing.  The woven design also makes the weed mat naturally permeable to air and allows the soil beneath to “breath” which assists in the reduction of fungal growths in the soil beneath and reduces the likelihood of the soil going sour.
Redpath Weedmat is porous to water and essential nutrients allowing them to travel through the fabric to your plants roots. At the same time the porosity is designed to slow the release of moisture away from the soil caused by wind or solar energy.

Using Redpath UV stablised weedmat will promote healthier plants, a cleaner landscape and save you valuable time and cost of on-going weed spraying and day to day general maintenance of planted or landscaped areas. Our weedmat is easily secured to the ground using the 125mm or 225mm cost effective ground pins listed below in the shopping cart, you will receive an on-line purchase discount when using the secure cart.
Redpath weed mat is used extensively for commercial applications in Nursery Industries, Orcharding, Roading and Landscaping, General Horticulture, Councils, Institutions or simply around the home. Widths & efficient roll lengths as shown below.
The 2m, 3.66m and 5.25m widths are folded in half for efficient freight delivery around New Zealand.

Redpath Weedmat and staples sizes 
Weedmat 1.2m wide x 50m 
Weedmat 2m wide x 50m length roll, folded in half
Weedmat 3.66mm wide x 50m length roll, folded in half
Weedmat 5.25m wide x 50m length roll, folded in half
Weed staples 225mm, pack of 50 or 200 price is shown below
Weed staples 130mm, pack of 50 or 200 price is shown below


Purchase on-line using the secure shopping cart and you will receive a further discount.  Select the size required below by clicking the buy now button for the roll size needed, then you can select the quantity of rolls required in the shopping cart.

Weed mat galvanised retaining ground staples are also stocked in two sizes 130mm and 225mm lengths. Use the longer staples in loose soils or high wind areas. You can purchase the staples in each size in lots of 50s or 200s; – Allow around 1.5 -2 staples per m2 of covered area. Please select the size and amount of staples needed by clicking on the drop down arrow in price boxes below.


Bulk bags – White large 1.5m3

New multi-use bulk bags with four sewn-in handles (one in each corner),
Open top design for easy filling.
Brand New, Large capacity 1.5 cubic meters, Lightweight to handle.
Woven polypropylene construction, white colour,
Average height 1.5m width 1m x 1m
For general garden use, lightweight fillings, not engineered for specific loads please self-test for suitabilty
Can be purchased individually or in packs of 5 or packs of 10
Store away from sunshine or UV degrading chemicals


black weedmat rolls commercial grade redpath woven weed control
weedmat staples new zealand wire
Weedmat Staples
bulkbag heavy white woven redpath nz
Bulk bag White 1.5m3



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