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Aktiva environmental control system

Redpath offer a range of dedicated environmental controllers for the close monitoring and adjustment of the internal environment on both horticultural and agricultural buildings. Accuracy of the internal environment will offer superior production and protection from temperature/humidity fluctuations.

In standard form the Redpath Aktiva will typically monitor internal temperature, external wind speed, external wind direction + rainfall. The controller will open/close the buildings natural ventilation system to maintain the operators pre-set desired temperature.

The controller will also operate additional equipment with the optional sensors for Humidity, Heating, Stirrer Fans, Extraction Fan & Wet wall systems + Fogging, Shade/Thermal screens, and solar sensing.

Use the enquiry form below - and Redpath can submit an environmental controller solution for your needs.

Aktiva controller Basics

  • Climate control for one environment (others may be added as an option)
  • Solar sensing
  • Wind speed sensing
  • Wind direction sensing
  • Rain sensing
  • Heater operation
  • Alarm functions
  • Humidity control function
  • Fan & Fogging function 
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Controller Aktiva R series Base Unit $4400.00

Controller Aktiva Sensors