Sidewall winches Manual/Auto

Eziwinder – “roll-up-wall” manual winch system (Manual or Auto)

The Redpath self-locking manual Eziwinder roll up wall winch is simple to install, easy to operate and a cost-effective sidewall ventilation system. A roll up wall system will supply substantial control over the internal environment and may be adapted to most building designs. The Eziwinder winch incorporates a unique self-locking all metal gearbox that will lock the roll up wall in the position that the operator requires. Simply turn the handle and the 4:1 reduction ratio allows easy winding of the up to 50m length roll up wall.
A steel round guide tube (25.4mm O/D outer diameter) is located vertically through the roller guide of the winch itself and may be purchased as a separate part if you do not have this.
The roll up wall tube that runs the length of the wall horizontally and is turned by the Eziwinder winch to winder the wall up is a 33mm O/D steel tube section; lengths are as shown below, – order as many as required for your length wall.  The tube is “swaged” at one end so that it may sleeve together, small ‘wafer head” screws (four per join) will be needed to lock the joints together.
The other part of the roll up wall system is the “Polyclamp” grips – that secure the roll up wall material to the rolling pipe. (Allow a minimum of one Polyclamp per metre)
Redpath recommend Polyweave reinforced greenhouse film for the roll up wall sheeting (see below) + Vent-net wall screening (see below) for the outer barrier netting may be used to hold the roll up wall against the greenhouse poles. If Vent-net is not used then some Polybelt webbed strapping will be needed to keep the roll up wall tight against the poles of the building.

Automatic side-wall vent openers
Redpath Autowinders offer “peace of mind” ventilation for roll up wall vent systems. These robust 24volt DC motor/gearboxes feature a built-in limit switch and will comfortably operate up to 48 metres of rollup wall ventilation. Autowinders can be set up to operate on a manual switch by your electrician or if desired the Redpath Autowinder Controller (see below) offers a simple “set and forget” automatic control system.
Autowinders can be supplied as an individual part (with built in limit switch), or as a complete unit which includes the roller guide and roll up tube coupling adapter.

Note: Swaged roll up wall tube 25nb x 2.6mm x 5.85m (includes 100mm swagged)

No 2 square drive Heavy Galv
WaferHead Tek Heavy Galv
greenhouse ventilation winch eziwinder redpath
Eziwinder Roll Up Hand Winch

4:1 complete


includes adapter & handle

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redpath eziwinder roll up wall greenhouse winch nz
Roll Up Guide Tube

3.8m, plug 1 end, 25.4 diameter


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greenhouse glasshouse tunnelhouse roll up wall pipe tube new zealand
Swaged roll up wall tube

25nb x 2.6mm x 5.85m

eziwinder roll up wall greenhouse winch new zealand
Eziwinder Guide Tube brackets

Top or bottom bracket


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polyclamps to secure greenhouse film to roll up wall pipe tube
Polyclamp for Roll Up Walls

Polyamide Nylon black plastic 87mm long for 32mm pipe

roll up wall extension handle redpath nz
Eziwinder Extension Handle

with universal 2.75m length


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webbing strapping for greenhouse roof
Polybelt webbing strap
temperature controller greenhouses new zealand
Autowinder Controller

for up to 2 Roll Up Wall motors


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roll up walls for greenhouse automatic
Autowinder Motor & Coupling

Includes Motor, Adapter & Round Roller Guide, Assembled


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24 volt controller greenhouse drive
Power Supply Box

24V AC/DC input,DC output


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