Electric & Manual roof drives + Control

Automatic vent motor drives
Redpaths “direct-drive” and “cross-link” automatic motor drive systems bring a sturdy, reliable solution for owners wanting a fuss-free electric vent-drive system.Quality European Ridder and also Viale systems are supplied by Redpath and they come complete with in-built limit switch and optional contactor boxes.  Both single phase and three phase motors may be used with output shafts sized to suit most common building designs.  

Setting the motor drive limit switch
Here is an explainer video Ridder RPD PolyDrive Click here

Automatic roof drive reverse contactor switch box
Switch boxes in 3 Phase or 1 Phase, to take signal from the environmental controller and switch motor drive direction (see below)

Aktiva – Environmental controller
A plug and play environmental greenhouse controller. Outputs / Inputs to control roof ventilation in two directions, wind speed, wind direction and rain sensor input/output, Internal temperature monitoring via aspirating screen thermometer and auto control of roof venting (see below)

Manual vent motor drives
Manual “chain and pulley” drives complete with shaft to suit 1″nominal boor pipe, 35:1 reduction (see below)

Use the enquiry form below and advise us of your needs for the Automatic or manual controls.
Note: Always use a qualified electrician to connect and appropriate RCD protection to suit individual application.  


greenhouse motor drives 1ph 3ph
greenhouse computer control nz
Environmental Controller

Aktiva R series Base Unit


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Environment sensors
greenhouse control electric
Contactor box
greenhouse tunnelhouse glasshouse ventilator drives manual
Manual roof vent drive

Incl: 32:1 uni bracket , 9.5m Chain, Shaft, Guide & Bolts


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