Duraflex 260 micron white shade special

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254-260 Micron Duraflex white shaded Heavy duty shaded greenhouse film for nursery crops , propagation, tropical plants and animal shelters.
White pigment to diffuse the light 5 year pro-rata UV warranty.
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Cubes m3 N/A
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4.5m wide x 5m, 4.5m wide x 8m, 4.5m wide x 10m, 4.5m wide x 12m, 4.5m wide x 15m, 4.5m wide x 18m, 4.5m wide x 20m, 7.15m wide x 4m, 7.15m wide x 5m, 7.15m wide x 8m, 7.15m wide x 10m, 7.15m wide x 12m, 7.15m wide x 15m, 7.15m wide x 18m, 7.15m wide x 20m, 9.2m wide x 5m, 9.2m wide x 10m, 9.2m wide x 15m, 9.2m wide x 20m, 9.2m wide x 25m, 14.4m wide x 4m, 14.4m wide x 5m, 14.4m wide x 10m, 14.4m wide x 15m

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