Duraflex 215 micron, white heavy shade, 5 year

Redpaths Duraflex heavy duty film is a solid white shaded roof covering often used for nursery crops, propagation and animal shelter applications.  Duraflex white colour reflects a good portion of the suns energy keeping internal temperatures up to 8dec C cooler than in a clear roofed building.

Duraflex is a specialised covering and therefore is only available in 13.1m width only

Duraflex is a long life film that see it regularly lasting for more than 10years.  A 5 year pro-rata UV warranty is supplied by Redpath for this product.

Use the ordering form below, in increments of 2m or 5m for longer cut to length rolls. Longer lengths are also available.

Contact us for a sample and check that the shade factor is suitable for your crop

Redpath Lockstrip or Duralock film holding system (see here) may also be used.

REMEMBER: The size of your film will need to be slightly larger than the dimensions of your structure!

Duraflex widths available

Duraflex 260 micron, white medium shade, 5 year
Duraflex 13.1m width

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