F-link A-Leg alloy 1 piece Film clip insert system

Aluminium A-Leg alloy clipping system:

The one-piece “A-Leg” is a 3.4m long aluminium insert that fits into the Lockstrip alumnium base for bespoke situations only.

This insert is also used by greenhouse contractors on a previously manufactured in New Zealand greenhouse design called “Floralink” or “Greenhouse Systems”.

This insert is a specialised component and should only be used where it has been installed / used previously and be used by experienced installers.
Aluminium  “A-leg” is a two piece clipping system that has a “conflict fit” (tight), care should be taken when using so as not to damage the cladding being held. You can purchase below.

F-link Alloy insert only 1 piece 3.4m length

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