Greenhouse HAFL fan 450mm

Vortex Horizontal air stirring fans – Stainless steel 450mm body

The Redpath Horizontal air flow fans have been specifically designed to be corrosion resistant within a greenhouse environment. 
The Redpath Vortex horizontal air flow fan features a stainless steel body that is additionally . Double end safety grilles are also included.
Four suspension hanger ayes, Two chains and carabina clips are also included.

A single phase motor drives a corrosion proof nylon impeller blade. CFM rating is 3500-4000cfm air flow nominal,  Air throw is typically 25 metres within a standard 3.5m pole height greenhouse
Note: Always use a qualified electrician to connect and appropriate RCD protection to suit individual application. 

Benefits of Redpath Vortex fans:

  • Reduced air stratification (temperature layers)
  • Improved C02 distribution
  • Helps prevent “calm” pockets of air within the environment
  • Balance out humidity levels
  • Reduced fungal disease in plants and respiratory disease in animals


greenhouse horizontal air flow fan stirrer nz
Vortex Horizontal air flow fan

400mm Stainless steel including Guards, 240v/50Hz, 370w, 4x Hanger eyes, 2x 500mm hanging chains & clips


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