Fabric specials

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  • frost fabric new zealand

    Insulnet ‘end of rolls’ specials

    From: $9.20 From: $7.82
  • Fence line windbreak

    25/30% Shade 105GSM Light GreenBlack ‘end of rolls’ specials

    From: $4.50 From: $4.16
  • wind break shadecloth

    25/30% Shade 105GSM Light White ‘end of rolls’ specials

    From: $6.33
  • VLBU Very light shade

    30% Shade 120GSM Light Black ‘end of rolls’ specials

    From: $6.33
  • windbreak fabric knitted new zealand

    45/50% Shade 180GSM Medium GreenBlack ‘end of rolls’ specials

    From: $6.11 From: $5.65
  • Redpath windbreak clips

    Wind/Shade clips

    From: $14.38
  • tunnel roof films

    Current Greenhouse film specials

    These popular Redpath products are on sale whilst stocks last or they are updated, grab a bargain today ! A selection of our off cuts, end of rolls, for our greenhouse films range. The listed items are at clearance rates and are only available whilst stocks last.

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  • Insulnet frost protection fabric knitted long-life

    Frost cloth 4m width

    From: $9.20