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  • redpath commercial cloche

    Cloche 50 micron ‘end of line’ specials

    From: $139.81 From: $129.32
  • redpath commercial cloche

    Cloche frames & wires, (commercial) 25 frames per pack

    From: $189.90
  • garden cloche redpath

    Cloche frames & wires, (semi-commercial) 10 frames per pack

    From: $113.85
  • cloche for the home

    Home garden complete with plastic 4m or 10m long tunnel

    From: $67.85
  • garden cloche redpath

    Clear film 1.9m width 125 micron

    From: $4.03
  • Commercial Duracloche film

    Clear film 2.7m width 125 micron

    From: $4.60
  • frost protection fabrics new zealand commercial rolls

    Frost cloth 2m width

    From: $35.54
  • Insulnet is a tough knitted textile and may be rolled up and stored away for year after year

    Frost cloth 3m width

    From: $54.65
  • Insulnet frost protection fabric knitted long-life

    Frost cloth 4m width

    From: $71.00
  • netting for greenhouse screens ventnet redpath

    Ventnet 2.4m width

    From: $31.05
  • lightweight white screening

    Ventnet 4m width

    From: $51.75
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