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  • redpath tunnelhouses made for home

    Choose the length of your polyshadehouse

    From: $799.00
  • redpath greenhouse for high wind

    Add high wind kit to 1.5m, 3m & 4.5m models

    From: $60.00
  • redpath nz made greenhouses

    Add a roof vent or extra roof vent to your tunnel


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  • automatic roof vent

    Add a solar auto vent opener to your vent(s)


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  • redpath tunnelhouse for the home

    Choose an alternative front door option

    From: $15.00
  • Tunnelseries single door

    Add Rear door option

    From: $168.00
  • tunnelhouse side shelf

    Add a sidewall shelf to your tunnel

    From: $99.00
  • tunnelhouse rear wall shelf

    Add a rear wall shelf to your tunnel


    (Don't select if rear door chosen)

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  • glasshouse staging shelves staging shelf

    Staging shelf options

    From: $125.00 From: $109.38
  • greenhouse door rollers

    Replacement door wheel roller hanger part


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  • shadecloth clip system

    Replacement cover kit

    From: $23.00
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