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  • tunnelhouses for nz gardens

    Choose the length of your tunnelhouse

    From: $999.00
  • redpath nz made greenhouses

    Add a roof vent or extra roof vent


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  • automatic roof vent

    Add a solar auto vent opener


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  • redpath tunnelhouse for the home

    Choose an alternative front door option

    From: $17.00
  • Tunnelseries single door

    Rear wall / rear door options

    From: $138.00
  • Domestic Tunnelhouse option

    Add a side wall louvre window


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  • Redpath high wind kits available

    Wind kit bracing upgrade option

    From: $118.40
  • tunnelhouse side shelf

    Add a sidewall shelf to your tunnel

    From: $188.10
  • tunnelhouse rear wall shelf

    Add a rear wall shelf to your tunnel


    (Don't select if rear door chosen)

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  • Duraflex 260 micron, white medium shade, 5 year

    Swap cover for white Durashade

    From: $194.00
  • Add a Crop support rail

    From: $48.00
  • Redpath domestic shade

    Summertime Shade Throw-over

    From: $64.00
  • Redpath Pacific Ltd

    Raised gardens 750mm wide

    From: $78.30
  • glasshouse staging shelves staging shelf

    Staging Shelves 2 Tier & 3 Tier

    From: $166.52
  • greenhouse door rollers

    Door wheel roller hanger


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  • Redpath Tunnelhouse recover kit

    Replacement cover kit

    From: $56.00
  • greenhouse tunnelhouse repair tape clear nz

    All Weather Repair Tape

    From: $16.91