Fasteners & Brackets

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  • screws bolts fasteners for greenhouses tunnelhouses nz

    Timber or Steel tek Screws

    From: $0.18
  • greenhouse tunnelhouse glasshouse brackets steel

    Bolts and Nuts

    From: $1.16
  • greenhouse film clip system cable type

    Omega clips

    From: $4.23
  • greenhouse frame L brackets

    L Bracket 60x40x2.5mm


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  • screws for greenhouses tek screws

    Screw Bit Drivers

    From: $5.74
  • washers and fasteners new zealand greenhouse redpath


    From: $0.18
  • fasteners for greenhouses glasshouses nz

    WaferHead Tek Heavy Galv

    From: $0.20
  • ground screw anchors redpath

    Ground screw anchors

    From: $45.43