Ultraflex High EVA Greenhouse film 200mu

Ultraflex 200 micron long life UV stabilised higher EVA greenhouse film is one of New Zealand’s most popular films and is available in a 4m width to suit narrow tunnel designs such as Floralink or GHS buildings.
Ultraflex is a clear/non-pigmented uv stable co-extruded high EVA film specifically designed for greenhouse cropping and is used by 1000s of growers to protect their crops.

Ultraflex EVA thickness and its quality UV stabiliser provides reliable performance, long life and improved resistance to wear & tear for long service life, this greenhouse film includes a coating on its inside surface to help prevent condensation droplets forming and also to ease installation and is a Tri-Layer extruded natural EVA copolymer is “Bumblebee Friendly” – and allows natures natural pollinators to work happily amongst your crop.
The EVA base in the film helps to lock in heat at night time and also gives excellent light transmission of up to 90% during the day for great crop production.
Ultraflex High EVA has high P.A.R light transmittance (Photo Synthetic Light Radiation), and includes built-in diffusion characteristics for superior light spread & penetration throughout the full crop canopy.

Available in 4m metre wide – Can be ordered “cut to length”

We suggest you allow a little extra length over and above the greenhouses actual length, so that you have some excess film for holding onto and tensioning the greenhouse plastic when fitting it.
Roll lengths and examples of each width prices are listed below but longer rolls are also available. 

Ultraflex High EVA includes a 4 year Pro-Rata UV warranty.

Redpath Duralock film holding system (see here)  is used to secure the greenhouse film to the structure.

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