Bird Netting 5m width

Redpath UV stabilised Birdnetting is a knitted construction net designed for many years of service.
Birdnetting is white in colour to clearly identify the product to the user which helps to stop it being acccidently cut or damaged when working on plants. The white colour is also a visual barrier to birds and other larger pests, but allows bees to navigate through the netting.

Redpath Birdnetting may be draped directly over the crop or supported by a lightweight structure made from wire, cable or steel and timber. Birdnetting may be fastened to buildings using Redpath Duralock 2 clipping system if required.
Birdnettings standard width is 5 metres and bale/roll length is 50m. If you do not require a full 50m length roll – we supply the netting in part rolls of 5m x 20m length and 5m x 10m length.

Full roll 5m x 50m
Part roll 5m x 20m
Part roll 5m x 10m

The size of the open netting mesh is a nominal 16mm diamond shaped 30gsm construction.



U.V. Stabilised BIRD NET White knitted

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