Steel and accessories

Round tube (swagged end 100mm included in length)
25mm NB round tube, 2.6mm wall 5.85m length, swaged one end, Hot Dipped (33.7mm outside diameter)
50mm NB round tube x 2.3mm wall, 5.86m length, swaged one end, Hot Dipped (60.3mm outside diameter) 

Square tube
65mm x 65mm square hollow tube 1.6mmm wall, 6m length, Pre-galvanised 

Rectangular tube
75mm x 50mm rectangular hollow tube, 2.5mm wall, 6.6m length , Pre-galvanised
100mm x 50mm rectangular hollow tube, 2.5mm wall, 7m length , Pre-galvanised (out of stock)

Redpaths range of steel RHS, SHS, and Round Tube sections are made available for DIY or other industry users.
Our steel sections are used within our crop support kits and as horticultural beams however we offer many of them to other users for general engineering work etc.
Redpath offer a limited range of sizes of Round tube, Rectangular tube and square tube.  Only the sizes shown are available – we apologise if the size you are seeking is not shown

Chain Hot-Dipped Galvanised 4mm
26mm x 16mm x 4mm GP chain, hot dip galvanised, supplied in 10m, 20m, 30m, 40m, 50m or 100m cut lengths.

Pipe saddles to hold 34mm and 60mm OD pipe
Hot dipped galvanised addles to hold 25NB round tube (34mm outside diameter) and 50mm NB round tube (60.3mm outside diameter)

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Please note: lead times do sometimes apply to steel deliveries.

Heat shrink

Used to wrap Redpath steel framework and protect it from the elements.  This large diameter heat shrink is available in two sizes and two lengths.
The heat shrink is adhesive coated on the inner surface for superior bonding to most materials.  May be heat shrunk with LPG gas flame onto steel tube, square tube, Polythene pipe, etc.

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