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Tunnelhouse NZ Made “Built stronger – To last longer”

Redpath aluminium tunnelhouse’s are one of NZ’s most popular and we have supplied many 1000’s to happy home gardeners, lifestylers, schools & institutions nationwide. Compare the size of our sturdy 32mm square aluminium hoops and 25mm square purlin rails which give excellent strength and durability.
The main frame and base rails are 100% aluminium with no timber to rot, rust or to taint soils from tanalising.
Our frames include an integrated groove to reliably fasten the covering and easily allow you to use different types of coverings if required. Redpath’s tall 2.3m apex height gives plenty of height for crops and gives increased internal air volume to act as a temperature buffer and frost protector.
The tunnels use Duratough 215 micron commercial grade greenhouse film which is the thickest grade in the industry with a 10 year + service life.  Duratough is specifically designed for plant production and has exceptional P.A.R light transmission to help lock in night-time temperatures and give superior light levels during the day. Duratough is extremely durable against storm, sun, snow and hail plus it is safe around the home.
You can personalise your tunnel with many optional extras to ensure your greenhouse matches your location and your crop growing needs
The 6m through to 12m length tunnels include a 1.6m length roof vent. The 15m and longer models include three roof vents, You can also add extra roof vents if required or add an optional solar powered automatic opener to any or all roof vents.
All models include a 650mm wide sliding roller bearing aluminium front door.  A rear wall door may also be fitted as an option.  A wider 850mm ‘Wheelchair / Wheelbarrow” access door is an option at either end, as is a ‘dual door” option with one door clad in breathable mesh and the other in Duratough.
All tunnels include a rear wall louvre window as standard,  Plus you can select additional sidewall louvre vent(s) as an option.
Other options include aluminium shelves for the sidewall(s) or across the rear wall, and for extra cooling in the summertime you can select a temporary “throw-over’ shadecloth cover or fit a full length fixed sidewall 350mm deep shadecloth sidewall vent. You can also add the ” X” wind kit for exposed sites which adds extra wall bracing and arch braces.
Redpath has been a trusted NZ brand for 45 years, and to compete with a multitude of often low quality imported designs we now sell to you direct.  This ensures you get a great quality product at a great price. We include a NZ factory warranty, and full parts back-up service. To make assembly speedier we deliver the tunnelhouse to you 50% pre-constructed.
Select your tunnelhouse size in the shopping cart below and then add any extra options you might like. You will receive an automatic discount when using the secure cart.
Redpath is located in central New Zealand giving us an efficient nationwide delivery service, You can save on freight cost by selecting delivery to your local Mainfreight depot.  We manufacture each tunnel to order with an average lead time of 15-20 work days to dispatch.

If you get stuck using the shopping cart or have any questions, please call us on Free Ph 0508 733728  or use the Enquire Now button below. All prices include GST.  Check with your council if a building permit (if any) is required

3m length tunnelhouse special deal whilst stocks last.  – Includes a 3m full length sidewall shelf , $188 value, (not transferable)

Tunnel house dimensions, price inc gst, and specifications
2.36m x 1.5m     $949.00 Includes base rails, door, & rear louvre window
2.36m x 3m       $999.00  Includes base rails, door, & rear louvre window, (+ 3m side shelf for limited time)
2.36m x 4.5m   $1199.00 Includes base rails, door, & rear louvre window
2.36m x 6m      $1499.00 Includes base rails, door, & rear louvre window, 1 roof vent
2.36m x 7.5m   $1749.00 Includes base rails, door, & rear louvre window, 1 roof vent
2.36m x 9m      $1999.00 Includes base rails, door, & rear louvre window, 1 roof vent
2.36m x 10.5m $2199.00 Includes base rails, door, & rear louvre window, 1 roof vent
2.36m x 12m    $2449.00 Includes base rails, door, & rear louvre window, 1 roof vent
2.36m x 15m    $3490.00 Includes base rails, door each end, 3 roof vents, “X” wind brace kit
2.36m x 18m    $3975.00 Includes base rails, door each end, 3 roof vents, “X”wind brace kit
2.36m x 21m    $4398.00 Includes base rails, door each end, 3 roof vents, “X” wind brace kit
2.36m x 24m    $4890.00 Includes base rails, door each end, 3 roof vents, “X” wind brace kit

Compare the standard features included with Redpath Tunnel houses
 Taller: 2.3m tall at apex allows space for taller crops, shelf space & gives better climate control.
* Aluminium base rail: Alloy base rail included no timber to rot or steel to rust.
* Longer life & thicker covering: Commercial grade Duratough 215 micron greenhouse film
* Large roof vent*: 6m, 7.5, 9, 10.5m & 12m models have a 1.6m pivot cap roof vent included
15m, 18m, 21m, and 24m models have 3 x 1.6m roof vents included.
* Fastening track for covers built-in:  Securely holds the Duratough & many other types of commercial
greenhouse film.  (Also eliminates your obligation to source custom made covers in the future)
* Frame guard tape included: Polyguard stops wear and heat build-up at covering contact points
* Strong framework: 32mm square one-piece alloy hoops + 5 x 25mm x 25mm lengthways purlins.
* Louvre window: A 600mm wide polycarbonate louvre window in rear wall included in all models
Sliding door: 650mm wide aluminium door & track with roller bearing wheels (wide door option also)
* Delivered pre-assembled: Supplied to you with the two end walls, door frame already assembled
* Warranty: 3 year all part product warranty, + Free phone assembly support service weekdays
* Clean & Green: All aluminium framework and cladding is 100% recyclable
* Instructions manual: Assembly instructions included. (see related links below)

Tunnelhouse optional Extras: Build your tunnel to meet your needs! – Select options below
* Aluminium 300mm deep shelf for full length of side wall or across the rear wall of your tunnel
Staging shelf aluminium 2 tier or 3 tier free-standing shelves, Two widths 1m and 1.5m
* Add a roof vent to the 1.5m, 3m, or 4.5m sizes (vents are included standard on longer models)
* Fit optional sidewall louvre window vent window(s)
* Add a temporary  “Throw-over” knitted shadecloth for effective summertime cooling
* Add a full length sidewall shadecloth vent screen to one or both sides of the tunnel (350mm tall)
* Automatic opening thermic ram roof vent option (solar heat driven no power required)
* Add an extra single 650mm or wider 850mm door to rear wall (eliminates the louvre window)
* Add dual front doors or dual rear doors, (One door is clad in Shadecloth & one is clad in Duratough)
*  Swap out the single standard front door cladding to breathable shadecloth for more ventilation
Add a second polycarbonate 3 blade louvre window in the rear wall for more ventilation
* Upgrade to a wider ‘wheelbarrow / wheelchair access door 850mm wide opening.
* Add an ” X” wind strengthening kit for more exposed sites

Any questions – Free Ph 0508 733 728


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