Vent drive hardware – rack & pinion etc

Vent drive mechanisms

Redpath buildings use the quality range of “Dutch” Ridder brand rack and pinion vent drive arms. These very well proven racks are built to last and last and require little maintenance other than occasional greasing.  Redpath also supply the vent tube support bearing “tube bearings” which when fastened to the buildings rafter will both guide and support the vent drive tubes.

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Note: Roof vent torque tube 5.85m length (includes 100mm swagged)

rack and pinions for greenhouse redpath nz

Straight Steel 1.646m complete


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ridder rack and pinions redpath ventilator greenhouse

25nb x 2.6mm x 5.85m

greenhouse tunnelhouse vent bearings

1″ Nylon & steel ball bearing

grease fpr greenhouse vent drives

Food grade Super Red


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