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  • Polycarbonate Models

    From: $1,749.00
  • poly carb glass house

    Aluminium PolycarbonateGLASS greenhouse

    From: $1,999.00
  • domestic tunnelhouse

    Tunnelhouse on special now:

    $1,391.00 $1,249.00
    $1391.00 $1249.00

    <b>2.36m x 6m Tunnelhouse</b><b> </b>Includes base rails,door, & rear louvre window, 1 roof vent, high wind kit This special also INCLUDES FREE Rearwall Shelf unit 300mm x width 2.2m valued at $142.00 (not transferrable) (Note: picture shows 7.5m length) <em>See main page for more info <span lang="EN"><a href="https://redpath.co.nz/home-and-garden/home-greenhouses/tunnel-greenhouse/"><b>here</b></a> </span>Check out our Shadehouse range <a href="https://redpath.co.nz/home-and-garden/home-greenhouses/tunnel-shadehouses/"><b>here</b></a></em> <em><span lang="EN">Check out </span><span lang="EN">our Polyshadehouse range <strong><a href="https://redpath.co.nz/home-and-garden/home-greenhouses/polyshade-tunnelhouses/">here</a></strong></span></em>

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  • Pine raised garden with frames & film

    From: $148.15 From: $133.34
  • shadehouse tunnels for the home

    Shadehouse on special now:

    $1,139.00 $999.00
    $1139 $999.00

    <b>2.36m x 4.5m Tunnel Shadehouse </b><em>(<span lang="EN">Note: picture shows 3m model)</span></em> Includes Base rail, Single sliding aluminium door at front, Shadecloth cladding for great ventilation 'breathability'. This special also INCLUDES FREE Rearwall Shelf unit 300mm x width 2.2m valued at $142.00 (not transferrable) <em>Click <a href="https://redpath.co.nz/home-and-garden/home-greenhouses/tunnel-shadehouses/"><b>here </b></a>to see main page for more info</em> <span lang="EN"><em>See tunnelhouse range<a href="https://redpath.co.nz/home-and-garden/home-greenhouses/tunnel-greenhouse/"><b> here </b></a> See Polyshadehouse range </em><strong><em><a href="https://redpath.co.nz/home-and-garden/home-greenhouses/polyshade-tunnelhouses/">here</a></em></strong></span>

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  • nz container shelter

    Container shelter 9m width

    From: $3,780.00
  • rearing calves nz

    Calf rearing shelter – Easy-Build special

    $9,153.00 $8,832.65
    $9153 $8832.65

    6m width x 27m length Included with this calf shelter is two x open ends, one x header rail for the full length of one side for calves to walk beneath. (limited time) <em><a href="https://redpath.co.nz/dairy-housing/calf-shelters-designs/quick-build-budget-calf-shelter-6m/">Click here to see main page for more info</a></em>

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  • Patio trug 1.31m x 0.71m

    From: $349.00
  • Optional extra Single or a double roof vent with manual opening for the full length at ridge

    6m wide lifestyler Includes door (no vent)

    From: $5,819.00
  • Aluminium Glasshouses

    From: $2,280.00
  • greenhouse tunnelhouse glasshouse brackets steel

    Bolts and Nuts

    From: $1.16
  • Box with cloche frames

    From: $76.00
  • cowbrush

    Cowscratcher Complete


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  • tunnelhouses for nz gardens

    Choose the length of your tunnelhouse

    From: $799.00
  • redpath tunnelhouses made for home

    Choose the length of your polyshadehouse

    From: $799.00
  • shadehouse tunnels for the home

    Choose the length of your shadehouse

    From: $799.00
  • Box only other sizes

    From: $62.00
  • Box only to fit inside tunnelhouse

    From: $69.00