Greenhouse tapes

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  • frame protection tape for greenhouses polyguard nz

    Polyguard frame anti-hotspot tape

    From: $34.00
  • greenhouse plastic film repair tape long life

    Patchbond Long Life Repair Tape

    From: $33.35
  • greenhouse tunnelhouse glasshouse batten tape nz

    Batten double-sided foam tape

    From: $33.35
  • greenhouse tunnelhouse repair tape clear nz

    All Weather Repair Tape

    From: $16.91
  • butyl tape for gutters roofing new zealand

    Gutter joining tape


    Redpath's gutter joining tape will 'seal out', - water leaks at gutter joints. It is made up of a very aggressive and compliant "moulding" adhesive and adheres permanently to the steel / aluminium. As with all tapes, gutter tape should be applied in dry conditions, on a cleaned surface and in + 10 degrees C temperatures. SF 0.4mm x 50mm 50ft (15.24m length) PV Black Roll

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  • webbing strapping for greenhouse roof

    Polybelt webbing strap

    From: $69.00
  • Gutter liner greenhouses hothouse

    Gutter lining


    600mm wide x 100m roll

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  • Guttersnot gutter joint sealant

    Guttersnot gutter joint sealant


    Guttersnot is Redpath gutter joint sealant, used instead if Silicon it bridges joint sand adheres to almost any surface (even in damp conditions)  Supplied in applicator tubes to fir a standard Caulking Gun.  With spade shaped nozzle to create width of joint strip. Grey Leak stop 300ml cartridge

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  • rope greenhouse

    Roof retaining rope


    White round Polyester Rope. 8mm x 16 strand, 100m roll, on spool

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