Container shelters, NZ made

Priced from just $2156 + GST, Redpath container shelters offer a simple and quick solution to your temporary use non-permanent storage needs. Redpath have been manufacturing tunnel style shelters for more than 45 years, Our NZ made products are supplied with a factory backed warranty for peace of mind.
Due to Redpath having to compete with many low cost and often poor quality imported shelter systems we now sell our NZ made shelters direct to you.
Use the secure on-line shopping cart below, select the width and length you want and receive a further discount from the advertised price for shopping on-line.

Redpath use high quality European made Duraflex which is a 70% shaded UV stabilised membrane, or an optional reinforced non-rip PVC canvas. You can also choose at a no extra cost option the clear long life Duratough covering which provides you with full natural sunlight. Both coverings average a 10 year + service life and are resilient to sun, wind and heavy hail.
If purchasing a container shelter, it pays to check the replacement cost of the roof covering. Redpath hold spare roof covers in stock from as little as $450, – making them cost-effective to replace when the time comes.
The covering is securely held in place using the proven Aluminium Duralock clamping system. Duralock also allows the covering to be easily removed or replaced if the shelter is dismantled or moved.
A high wind version is also available for no-sheltered sites.
Redpath container shelters are designed to suit most steel sided 20’ft or 40’ft containers, the shelters can be built to any length required. The apex height is 4.5m on the 6m width and 5m for the 9m wide designs, providing good overhead clearance for machinery and equipment storage.
If you do not have containers or only have one container on one side, you can fit one side (or both sides) of the shelter arches to a timber pole line with a top rail if you wish.

Longitudinal steel purlins are included. Redpath container shelters are simple to install and are supplied with step-by-step instructions, usually two persons with basic tools & equipment will erect them within a few days on site. A high wind upgrade is available as an option, and gable ends or fully closed end walls are also an option (see pricing below)
Lead time is typically 12-17 working days for dispatch

Span: 6 metre width or 9 metre
Length: To suit shipping container layout 20’ft,40’ft. (longer if containers are added)
Apex height: 6m span = 4.5 metres, 9m span = 5m height (depends on container type)
Hoops: 60mm Hot Dipped, cold roll formed, sleeve connections for easy assembly
Cladding: Long-life Ethyle Vinyle white, UV stable, Waterproof, 10 Yr service life (or optional PVC canvas)
Anti-chaffe tape: Yes Polyguard included for use on internal hoops to protect cladding from abrasion.
Cladding fastening: Aluminium Duralock 2 clipping system used
Side connectors: Steel plate + saddle connectors for simple attachment to side face of container(s)
Fasteners: Screws / bolts etc: All included (or you may wish to weld the bracket parts to containers)
Purlins: Steel tube type Included
Roof bracing: Steel tube type, Included
Open ‘Drive-Thru’ ends: Standard, No interior wires or bracing restrictions
Delivery: Nationwide to site, quoted at time of sale
Warranty: NZ made and comes with NZ manufacturers parts fault pro-rata warranty (3 Year)
Assembly Instructions: Included with all kits, Redpath roof cover tensioning system included
Construction: Not applicable DIY.
Replacement covers: Available off the shelf, Overnight delivery
Not included: Shipping containers or any connection to the ground parts.
Engineering: Not included, For non-permanent temporary use shelter.Client supplies connection to ground

Optional extras:
High wind option: Increased arches, connectors, and wind straps
Canvas long life roof: Super heavy-duty non-rip PVC white canvas roof membrane
Clear roofing: Choose below if you would prefer the Duratough clear roof cladding
End gable: Closed in gable only end frame and covering
Fully Closed in gable + end: Full closed in end wall & gable
Closed in end with breathable gable: Breathable gable area shadecloth covering – call.

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