Extend their service life with Paint, Stain or oil


Patio Trug raised Vege garden – Golden Macrocarpa

The Redpath Patio Trug brings gardening to your doorstep.

Manufactured in New Zealand from locally grown golden macrocarpa and aluminium, the Patio Trug is a great looking and convenient deck top or patio garden option to grow veges, most herbs, leafy greens, winter brassicas, spinach, silverbeet, nursery plants/seedlings and flowers etc.
No need to bend down with its handy 710mm garden deck height. The patio raised garden can be purchased with or without the tilting roof option.
The Patio Trugs depth is 710mm, making it easier for gardeners to reach and maintain plants at the rear of the garden.

The tilting roof option is covered with breathable Insulnet fabric, that allows great light levels through to your crop, whilst still offering a good level of protection from frosts, pests and strong wind. Insulnet creates a natural and secure micro-environment. Unlike solid plastic films the permeable Insulnet will keep temperatures at a more comfortable level.
There are handles fitted to both front corners of the tilting roof to suit both right handed and left handed gardeners.
The roof will remain in an open position when opened fully and is retained by a security chain to hold it in position.

Lined with breathable long-life weed-matting, the Patio Trug can be left out in the rain and it will self drain. Or if you wish to have the patio garden hold a small store of water in its base, you can place a simple layer of polythene in the base of the trug (up to 50mm deep) so that the trug will hold a store of water to feed your plants up to that level.

If you attach a wire across, between the two end frames across the garden, you can easily clip an overhead water sprinkler line to the wire and water from overhead.

Built super solid to last and last, the Redpath Patio Trug uses chunky 150mm x 50mm native natural macrocarpa to form the main box part, and has a NZ ply base with strong 120mm x 40mm stainless steel or aluminium legs. The bottom of the legs has a protection strip supplied which can be fitted to protect decking surfaces from marking.  
Note: Macrocarpa will change colour with age and ‘silver’. You might wish to consider painting or oiling the boards to help extend their service life.
Supplied in kitset form, 1 person can assemble the patio garden with just basic tools.
You can order the Patio gardens at the base of this page using our secure shopping cart, plus you will receive an addittional on-line discount within the cart!



  • Exterior Dimensions: 1.310m width x 710mm depth
  • Total Height: Base only = 710mm.  With tilt roof  = 1310mm
  • Aluminium/Stainless steel legs: 4 x strong 120 x 40mm aluminium legs
  • Hinged tilting roof: Aluminium frame and uses breathable UV stabilised insulnet screening
  • Fasteners / Bolts: All supplied as part of the kitset
  • Timber box: NZ grown natural golden Macrocarpa
  • Base securing brackets: 4 x “L” brackets are Included (in case you need to secure in place)
  • Handles:  Two handles and a tilting roof retaining chain included with covered roof models
  • Delivery: Yes, simply choose your area and cost in the shopping cart.
  • Instructions: Full set of drawings + easy-read step by step instructions are included
  • Warranty: Yes NZ made, all parts available ex stock if any repair requried, 1 Year warranty

You can choose different quantities of boards for your  garden 1 board = 150mm, 2 = 300mm, 3 = 450mm


  • Add a polythene long life liner to place in the base and hold shallow water storage (1350mm x 760mm)

Free Ph 0508 733 728 for more information. 

greenhouse plastics

1350mm x 760mm

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