Raised garden boxes or patio trugs

Redpath raised gardens are supplied in two types of natural wood wood materials. 1. Chunky rot-resistant Macrocarpa with extra thick 50mm boards x 150mm deep stacked on top of each other to make the height that best suits you,  or undressed Pine 40mm thick x 150mm for a more cost effective solution..
Please select from one of the below designs, – You can select “Box only” or , “Covered Box” or “Patio Deck” designs  profiles.
If there is a specific sized box that you require we can cut the Macrocarpa or pine to suit your size.  The height of the macrocarpa is controlled by the rough sawn 150mm deep boards with nominal heights being 150mm, 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, 750mm or 900mm (NOTE: height may vary +/- 5% due to rough sawn finish)
With either of the timber types, You might wish to consider painting or oiling the boards to help extend their service life, a simple internal poly liner may also assist

There is currently a lead time of up to 12 work days for dispatch.

Box only profiles

Raised garden box in Pine or Macrocarpa. Raised garden beds provide you with home grown fresh producRead more

Covered box profiles

Covered raised garden box in Pine or Macrocarpa.  Choose your ideal cover, height, width or length to fit yourRead more

Patio deck garden trug

Patio Trug Vege raised garden, convenient gardening at your doorstep. Choose covered design or uncoveredRead more

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