Raised gardens

Redpath raised gardens are supplied in two types of wood materials, chunky Pine and Macrocarpa.
Both timbers are non-treated, although Macrocarpa does offer a slightly longer service life due to the timbers natural preservative.
Independent industry advisor NZ wood quote
"It is suggested you plant no closer than 35cm to the timber edge or place a plastic barrier between the plants and any CCA-treated timber edging" 
For this reason Redpath do not recommend using treated timbers near to your edible foods.
You may choose to paint the pine raised gardens with Linseed or Tung Oil, or you may wish to line them with a simple plastic sheet to assist with increasing the service life of the timber
The chunky pine based raised gardens offer a cost effective medium life solution. Both types of timber include the Redpath long life aluminium corner connecting brackets for easy assembly and simple board replacement when required