Slotted or Slatted floor systems

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Slotted or Slatted Floors

Slotted or Slatted floor systems where effluent is allowed to drop through the base floor into a catch bunker or similar holding area beneath have been in use for animal housing for more than 50 Years. The above pictures show the various versions of these systems both overseas and in New Zealand.

Redpath have been building clear roofed animal shelter structures for more than 20 years, And we were likely the first ever company to be commercially erecting natural light roof shelters over slatted floor systems in New Zealand.  The first of these dates back as far as 2004 when Redpath were building over slatted floor systems in the South Island of New Zealand.
Since then Redpath have supplied many roof systems for both individual farmers and also for a New Zealand company called HERDHOMES Ltd

Slatted floors are often made of concrete and have been in use worldwide quite extensively since the 1960s, Please see below reference pdf's which show some of the long history and research completed on them for Dairy and other animal use.

Slotted or Slatted floors can be useful for farm systems that demand improved containment of effluent , and in some farming situations the slatted floor system may ease day-to-day management of effluent storage. Any concrete based floor systems can offer drawbacks in respect to cow welfare, and these styles of floor systems will often require additional floor protection (rubber matting / straw ) etc if the herd is to be held off the pasture for extended periods of time.

The shelters are typically naturally lit or may have solid cladding in selected sections. Ventilation is provided by Redpath's well proven roof or side ventilation systems which may be either manually or fully automatically operated. Overhead shade systems are also a commonly chosen optional extra for this floor system. see here

If you have a slatted or slotted floor pad already,  Redpath are happy to quote for your individual application to cover these, email us with the dimensions and spacing's so we can submit an estimate.

The clear Durashelter roofing is an important component when using concrete or slotted floor systems, as the clear cladding lets sunshine into the environment and maintains a drier and warmer environment for stock.

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