Containment and drying of Effluent

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Effluent run-off control & speedy drying 

The Redpath Clear roofed shelter system promotes speedy drying of any effluent on the deep litter floor system. It also offers a higher energy transmission to a containment bunker system floor or a hard concrete floor system. Speedy drying keeps disease / bacteria levels to a minimum and allows the farmer to distribute the nutrient rich effluent onto the pasture in a dry and easy to manage form.

The clear-roof becomes especially important when using a long standing-time soft-litter floor system, - as the UV light transmission not only maintains a comfortable warm environment for the cows , but it also assist in sterilising the flooring material and not allowing continuous damp / cool conditions to be maintained.  If floors are continually wet / damp as they may be in darker tin shed or shaded white roofing designs, - the potential incidents of disease and bacteria build-up can be increased.

The roof also diverts rainfall from the feedpad / shelters floor.  This can gave a large effect on how much "uncontrolled" water is allowed to wash into the farms existing effluent pond systems.  Eliminating the rainfall equation will often mean that farms do not require large upgrades in the size or management systems of their existing effluent ponds.

Redpath clear roofed shelters are often chosen as the shelter of choice for existing feed pads

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