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Dairy herd Welfare - Decision
Clear roofing offers a natural environment

When looking to shelter dairy herds - the herds welfare is becoming an ever more important decision for farmers, milk suppliers and consumers.
Many are wishing to see an improved quality of life for their dairy herds physical and mental health as this will often provide flow-on benefits of healthier, happier, and more naturally disease resistant herds.  Production will often be increased when dairy herds are sheltered in an animal-friendly environment


1)  Redpaths "Clear roofed" 100% natural light shelter design provides a natural "outside style"  environment "indoors" , with plenty of space to allow free range roaming of the herd.

2)  Light provides natural vitamin enriching sunshine and warmth to stock

3)  Light provides IR energy to the floor of the shelter and dries the floor at a speedy rate

4)  Natural light keeps potential bacteria, fungi, moulds and odours at minimal levels

5)  Redpath shelters that incorporate "soft litter" woodchip style floors give comfortable "free range" style housing, and may often include an indoor and outdoor roaming sectors.

6)  Dairy herds housed in Redpaths open deep litter systems are allowed to roam free throughout the shelter and socialise with other members of the herd

7)  Soft litter floors with 10sq/m + areas of space per cow- provide comfortable, dry and clean loafing space - allowing herds to rest and lay down.

8)  Soft litter floors (woodchip based), lock-up effluent from the herds and this can be re-used as a compost on the farms feedcrop paddocks making it a fully recyclable organic floor system

9)  Free-range Redpath shelters provide superior mobility for cows, helping physically fitness and allowing self-grooming 

10) Redpaths roof and side ventilation systems keep the shelter environment comfortable and natural for the herds.

11) Redpaths optional over-head shade-screen systems protect herds from burning summertime temperatures

12) Sidewall windbreaks fitted as standard on Redpath shelters substantially reduces energy sapping wind-chill from dairy herds, whilst still providing natural air flow and ventilation.

13)  Farmers report that somatic cell count incidence of mastitis reduce in a clear-roofed, soft litter warm light shelter.

14)  Deep litter soft floor shelters offer obvious reductions in hoof, joint and skin abrasion related health (compared to concrete based systems) 

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