Calf “Poleshelter”



The Redpath Poleshelter is used for basic protection of stock from the elements.

The Poleshelter meets the needs of customers seeking a competitively priced shelter that will provide simple shelter wind/ rain and frost protection
Poleshelters are supplied as a ‘roof only’  DIY kit,  The customer supplies their own timber poles and attaches the Redpath Pole shelter roof to them.
Customers can choose the pole height that best suits their needs , for Calves this may be anything from 1.5m through to 3m poles. Some customers will choose fit a timber rail along the pole line (as pictured above) – but this is not usually necessary as the roof hoops of the Poleshelter can be connected directly to the poles.
Usually the timber poles are rammed into place and there is no concrete used for foundations. The shelter roof structure is speedy to erect with the use of common farm equipment, and basic tools such as drills, stringlines, stepladders only required.
Redpath provides an assembly guide and offers “over-the-phone’ assembly assistance 8-5 weekdays.

The Poleshelter will protect from direct rainfall with the rain water falling to the ground off to the sides of each hoop. The convenient 9m span of each hoop gives plenty of space, and you can connect as many span widths as you like “side-by-side” or make the shelter as long as you requir

Basic Specifications & Comparisons:

  • Span width:  9m
  • Length: Unlimited, can follow land contour.
  • Cladding: Heavy duty long life commercial grade Duratough 215mu + clear roof cladding is used.  (superior life and strength to similar systems with thin roof claddings)
  • Sidewall cladding: Add your own shadecloth or windbreak walls, header rails etc
  • Cladding security: Redpath’s Omega fastening system utilised to secure roof covers at their edge, with Duralock at the hoop ends,  Throw over dampening straps are also included to retain roofing.
  • Heavy gauge M12 arch to pole connection bolts included
  • Heavy duty arches – 60mm OD hot dipped galvanised, swaged end connections for simple assembly
  • All roof bracing , and hot dipped galvanised purlins
  • Polyguard soft felt frame barrier tape to protect cladding from steel frame
  • Canopy apex height is governed by the clients timber pole selection and span of arch selection. 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m or 3m pole is recommended
  • Price: Very competitively priced from as little as $28sqm + gst for larger shelters.
  • No concrete required, client to use/supply timber poles with or without a top rail dependent on your needs (arch can connect directly to your pole or to a timber rail)
  • Pole spacing length-ways – 3m nominal is typical for NZ conditions (closer for high wind sites, and end poles). Non design engineered structure – Check with your council if building permit required before purchase.

Free Ph for more information – 0508 733 728

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