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Redpath Flat-roof Shadehouse

The Redpath flat-roof shadehouse offers shade and climate protection for a wide range of nursery crops.

Pole spacings are a nominal 5.78m in both directions, and each pole has a slide in connector at its top for simple assembly of the widthways and lengthways roof rails.  
The sides have brace poles extending out at an angle to provide strength and increased growing area.(add 1.5m to the width of shadehouse from side vertical pole to approximately calculate the structures overall base footprint)

All steel mainframe design the frame tubes are hot dipped galvanised, and the shadehouse is supplied with 50% long life knitted commercial grade shadecloth cladding. Alternative grades of shadcloth are also available.
Aluminium Duralock is used to securley hold the shadecloth in place at its edges.

Redpath flat roof shadehouses are suited to medium wind exposure sites. A high wind upgrade option is also available which includes addittional bracing, and more frequent Duralock clipping system to secure the cloth.
Flat roof shadehouses are not suited to heavy snow load or excessive hail regions.
They are simple and relativley quick to erect, often taking 2-3 persons les than a week to erect (the total time taken to erct will of course depend on the size of the structure)

Redpath Shadehouses are supplied in kitset form only, they are built buy owners or local fencing contractors typically. They do not include design engineering for council, have porous roof and sides and thus have no stormwater impact. Customers may wish to check with council if there are any requirements.

The steel poles concrete directly into the ground, or if you would prefer to not use concrete foundations you may wish to ram round dimber poles into the ground and attatch the steel poles using bolts.
Pictures show current design as of date of writing, Redpath flat-roof shadehouses like other Redpath designs are under continuous design development to best meet our clients needs and may differ from the picture(s) shown. 

Some examples of popular sizes: (Measured at outer angle sidewall base & with 3m tall pole)
8.8m wide  x 14.6, 20.4, 26.1, 32, 37.7m long
14.6m wide x 14.6, 20.4, 26.1, 32, 37.7, 43.5, 49.5, 53 or 60.8m long
20.4m wide x 20.4, 26.3, 32, 37.7, 43.5, 49.5, 53 or 60.8m long
26.1m wide x 26.3, 32, 37.7, 43.5, 49.5, 53 or 60.8m long
32m  wide   x  32, 37.7, 43.5, 49.2, 53 or 60.8m long
37.7m  wide x 26.3, 32, 37.7, 43.5, 49.5, 53 or 60.8m long
43.5m wide x  37.7, 43.5, 49.5, 53 or 60.8m long
49.2m wide x 37.7, 43.5, 49.5, 53 or 60.8m long
60.8m wide x 37.7, 43.5, 49.5, 53 or 60.8m long
Many other sizes available based on the nominal 5.8m centres

 Standard Specifications:

  • Span / Bay Widths: 5.78m + additional space of angled side walls
  • Post spacing lengthways: 5.78m x 5.78m 'nominal' grid for pole layout + side edge
  • Sidewall height:  2m, 2.5m, or 3m nominal
  • Roof & Wall cladding:  196 gram knitted commercial shade green included
  • Frame Guard Tape: Polyguard fitted to all roof members that touch the shadecloth included
  • Doors: An open section of 5.78m x the height of the shadehouse is standard. No door.
  • Footings: Dig or drill a 750/800mm deep x 250/300mm nominal sized footing + add concrete
  • Sleeve connector design: Easy build slide in connectors for all centre, and outer poles
  • Wind load: Designed for sheltered sites,
  • Installation: Simple to erect, some basic tools & skills required.
  • Warranty: Yes, Redpath 1 Year manufacturer's warranty applies 

  • High wind option: Availble on request, includes bracing and addittional shadecloth securing points.
  • Shadecloth delete: Can be supplied without shadecloth if you have your own netting already

Redpath Shadehouses are manufactured to order, and a lead time applies for delivery. Typically 21 work days.

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