Calf rearing shelters

Redpath calf shelters, for raising quality calves.
You can choose from two types of calf shed designs, The Relocatable easy build type or the permanent fully engineered free-standing sheds. Click on the two calf shelter design types below to view the details of each.
Redpath calf rearing shelters provide a quality, warm and dry environment for your calves. Redpath calf shelters let the sunshine and natural UV light in to reduce the incidence of bacteria and disease and provide better hygiene.
You can expect improved calf health, Improved Vitamin D exposure, increased calf weight gain, better resistance to disease, and reduction in the cost of calf production.
Redpath calf shelters are supplied with a factory back warranty, super long life Durashelter covering is used which is the same as Redpath uses on its family of commercial Dairyshelter buildings. 
You can purchase the relocatable easy-build calf shed designs direct on-line using the shopping cart, and you will receive a bonus discount in the shopping cart section. Lead time for delivery is typically 15-20 working days for the relocatable calf tunnel.
The permanent type calf shelters are quoted individually to you in kitset form or fully erected on site with full engineering and plans.
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