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Wire and cable clipping system Omega clip


Film Clipping Systems – Duralock or Lockstrip

Duralock2 film clipping system:

Duralock2 is Redpath’s continuous bead fastening system for film and fabric and in recent years has replaced the ageing Lockstrip clipping system.
Duralock2 is a more affordable and simple to use system and is specifically designed to reliably retain a variety of polythene film and fabric claddings. Duralock2  has a  “self-locking” design promotes the secure grip the cladding in windy conditions.
Duralock2 is simple and easy to assemble with the base aluminium profile being screwed to the framework and then the “channel” UPVC strip part of the Duralock being pushed into the jaw of the aluminium followed by the “locking bead” UPVC part.  Duralock2 is very easy on the cladding and is unlikely to damage the cladding during assembly.

Duralock2 incorporates a “shading cap” along the front edge of the channel insert to help protect the cladding from the heat of the sun.  Duralock2 may be used to secure claddings in of a variety of thicknesses.

To hold claddings up to 400 MICRONS choose the 1.5m length  “LONGLEG”  bead.
For materials of 401 micron and over such as twinskin polythene or light/medium shadecloth using the 2.25m length  “SHORTLEG” bead part.

Duralock is available in both single groove and twin groove base aluminium designs. use the Twingroove base where joining of sheets on rafters or where two sheets come together such as on the end of a building.
Duralock is supplied in 4.5 metre lengths complete with all parts (base, channel and bead insert) – but can also be purchased in individual parts (see drop down arrows below)



Duralock 2 Aluminium Uni upstand Rail 

Duralock 2 Aluminium rail is a structural rail beam with the Duralock grooves integrated within it. Used for base rails, top rails, mid rails.


Duralock greenhouse film clipping system
Duralock greenhouse film clipping system
greenhouse aluminium clipping nz
screws bolts fasteners for greenhouses tunnelhouses nz

 Lockstrip film clipping system:

The original Redpath clipping system has ben used in the industry for more than 30 years throughout Australasia. 
Lockstrip is made up of three parts:
(1)  The aluminium base is available in single-groove or twin-groove versions at 4.5m lengths.
(2)  The insert strip 1.5m length  is available in In long leg for up to 350 micron claddings ,and shortleg for over 350 microns
(3)  Lockstrip clips – are small L shaped clip placed every 150mm along the system to secure the insert

You can purchase all parts separately by using the drop down arrow below.

Lockstrip is a slightly more complex and expensive clip system to use compared to the new type Duralock2 ( see above). 
Lockstrip is a “self-locking” design that tightens as the wind load on the cladding increases. 



lockstrip greenhouse tunnelhouse film holding system redpath
lockstrip greenhouse tunnelhouse film holding system redpath
lockstrip greenhouse tunnelhouse film holding system redpath
screws bolts fasteners for greenhouses tunnelhouses nz

Wire & cable clip system + Roof battens:

(1) Cable/Wire clipping system: 
Redpath “Omega” Clip is utilised for the semi-permanent retaining of films and fabrics onto wires or cables. This system is designed for moderate cladding widths only, in sheltered locations. Omega clip is often used as a temporary retainer of cloche films or for side wall netting and film at greenhouse ground level.


OMEGA3 White UPVC nominal fit to 3.15mm wire 1.5m length
OMEGA6 White UPVC nominal fit to 6mm cable 1.5m length
OMEGA7 White UPVC nominal to fit 7mm cable 500mm length

(2) Aluminium batten system including tape
The Redpath aluminum batten is used to secure the roof cladding onto the greenhouse.  The batten includes a closed cell foam adhesive tape applied to its rear which is then applied to the greenhouse film above the individual rafters of the structure. The batten retains the greenhouse film onto the roof of the building and the double sided foam tape help prevent the screws that secure the batten from damaging the greenhouse film or from water leaks occuring around the batten.

greenhouse film clip system cable type

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